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Writer's Detective School - Cohort 22-3

Learn the theory. Work the case. Cohort 22-3 begins August 1, 2022. Partner with me (via Zoom) on a six-week homicide investigation.

Course Summary

Writer's Detective School Cohort 22-2 will begin August 1, 2022. This is a live cohort, which means we will be working through this investigation together via live Zoom calls. Our Zoom calls will be recorded. If you miss a call or want to rewatch the session, you will be able to do so.

We will have two different "types" of Zoom calls. The primary calls will be Investigation Calls, where we will get our updates as to what's happening with the case and a chance to decide what we need to do next.

We will also have Office Hours on Zoom, where you will be able to ask questions about your own writing/works-in-progress. There is also a Community feed where you can interact with your fellow student-detectives and me (Det. Richardson.)

The Cohort should wrap up the investigation in Mid-September, however you will continue to have lifetime access to the course recordings. I regularly hold "Alumni Office Hours," so students can continue getting help with their questions long after the cohort is completed.

To keep the cohort a fun and engaging experience, there is a limit to the number of students per cohort. (Seats filled up quickly for the last two cohorts.)

I hope to partner up with you in this next Writer's Detective School cohort!


Det. Adam Richardson - Writer's Detective School

Adam spent seventeen of his twenty-five year (and counting) law enforcement career as a police detective in California.  Adam has taught hundreds of new detectives for the California Department of Justice and spent over a decade as an adjunct faculty member at a local college. He holds a Bachelor of Science from California State University in Vocational Teaching and Management.  He also is the host of the Writer's Detective Bureau podcast and YouTube channel.

"This course was amazing. I learned SO much. Not just for my writing, but also a lot about theory and practice of what it's like to be a real detective. Anyone writing crime of any genre will benefit from taking this course, whether you're on book one or book ten. You won't regret it!"

"I learned SO much and highly recommend it for any mystery writers trying to better understand the procedural aspects of investigation. If you’re like me and you find yourself getting in over your head with your mysteries, consider checking out the next cohort. Adam is a fantastic teacher and very approachable, providing ample opportunities to answer questions about current works in progress … and Adam is there every step of the way making sure you’ve got what you need. I feel a lot more confident moving forward knowing he’s in my corner!"

"I was in the first cohort and highly recommend Adam's course. Not only will you learn what happens after a body is found, but you'll get time to ask about your work in progress. Adam is a great instructor.

Course Pricing

The Cohort is designed to run for six weeks, depending on how we do with working the homicide investigation.  
There will be at least two Zoom calls per week:
  ✑ The INVESTIGATION Zoom call (where the homicide investigation happens and we collectively decide how to proceed with the investigation). Some weeks may have MORE than one Investigation call, depending on how the case is going.

  ✑ The OFFICE HOURS Zoom call (a weekly chance to get help with your own stories/works-in-progress. Many plot lines and character motivations have become unstuck during these calls. 😉)

  ✑ Once the Cohort concludes, you will still have access to regular ALUMNI OFFICE HOURS Zoom calls. 

The Zoom call days and times will vary each week in order to accommodate students in timezones around the world.  All Zoom calls are recorded and posted to the course curriculum for replays.  You do NOT need to attend the Zoom calls live to complete the course, however, it greatly enhances the experience to attend as many live sessions as possible.

Gift purchases can be requested by emailing for purchase instructions. You will be able to download a PDF gift certificate to give your gift recipient.  You will need to complete a four-question survey to make sure we enroll the correct student, know how to contact them, and know when it's safe to email them about the course and not ruin the surprise.

You will have "lifetime access" to the course material.  You might be wondering whose lifetime that refers to: Mine? Yours? The course's?  The answer is that you will continue to have access to this course as long as I am offering it.  If for some reason I retire the course, change course hosting providers, etc., then I will notify you via the email I have on file for you and provide you with a link to download a .zip folder with all of the course material you're entitled to. The only caveat to that is if I die before I can send out that email.  In that case, the "lifetime access to the course" referred to my lifetime. (We detectives often have no problem with gallows humor.) 

You will have 14-days from the start of the course to request a refund.